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Why Are Jersey Oysters So Special

The coastline of Jersey offers infinite variety majestic cliffs, exposed bays, sandy beaches and rocky coves all easily accessible by road or on foot. At each low water the Island doubles in size with the third largest tidal range in the world.

All our oysters benefit directly from the daily natural filtering effect of our unique tide and crystal clear water. All of our oysters are harvested from the Royal Bay of Grouville. Facing the Normandy coast, this is an ideal place to see the incoming tide rushing through the gullies. The historic Seymour tower stands alone against this daily influx of some of the cleanest sea water in Europe. In 2010 fifteen of Jerseys beaches were included in the Marine Conservation Society’s good beach guide, with the Royal Bay of Grouville attaining the highest standard classification (MSC Recommended).

Long before environmental protection became fashionable Jersey worked hard to maintain its natural beauty and in 1997 became the first island to gain Green Globe status. This outstanding natural environment provides a perfect opportunity to produce some of the most stunning natural produce in Europe.

We sell oysters throughout the year, the majority of which are exported to France and the UK. We process and sort 1000 tonnes of Pacific Oysters annually.

All of our oysters are harvested from the Royal Bay of Grouville, on the east coast of Jersey. We have four main areas and two holding areas. The main areas cover approximately 35 hectares in total, and this is where the majority of our oysters are grown and stored. The holding areas are smaller sites closer to shore.

Here the oysters spend at least half the day exposed when the tide is out to “harden” them off. They are kept in this area for at least two weeks before export to get them used to being out of the water and ensure only minimal stress levels during transport. This ensures that our Oysters are strong enough to stay closed and fresh during shipping.

Size grading, re-bagging, purification and packing is carried out in our shellfish processing plant a short distance from the shore in Grouville. It is not unrealistic to expect between 50 and 60 million oysters of various sizes to pass through the pack-house in any 12-month period.

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