ASC Accreditation

World’s First Aquaculture Stewardship Council Accredited Oyster Farm

As the first ASC accredited oyster farm worldwide, The Jersey Oyster Company is at the forefront of sustainable aquaculture production of Pacific Oysters. Each of our boxes bears the ASC logo showing our oysters are certified as responsibly sourced produce. The traceability scheme of the ASC means you will always be eating genuine responsibly sourced Jersey Oysters when bearing the mark of the ASC.

At Jersey Oyster we aim to minimize the environmental and social impacts that aquaculture can create. We carry this out by training our staff to a high standard with our ASC training to ensure waste is kept to a minimum as we work closely with the ocean, plastic and other material is used sparingly in the production process. Community projects are carried out such as beach cleans with the reward being our personally farmed oysters.

Jersey Oyster’s processing facility is free of chemicals and pesticides to adhere to our high level of food safety. Staff undertake great personal hygiene when handling our oysters to and our oysters are frequently tested to ensure they are safe to eat and in line with ASC standards.

Jersey Oyster’s values and practices have followed directly with the ASC’s beliefs and have worked to lessen the impact on the local environment and produce a premium quality product in the process. Oyster aquaculture has been shown to benefit local aquatic ecosystems and in the Bay of Gorey. The once before diminishing eel grass in the bay has been repopulated partially due to the aquaculture of oysters in the bay.

The Jersey Oyster Company will continue to care for the environment, our employees and customers whilst producing oysters to an exceptional standard in adherence with the ASC and strive to improve our practices to benefit all stakeholders involved with our product to stay at the forefront of oyster aquaculture as the world’s first ASC accredited oyster farm.

Open Hours

Mon – Fri: 09:00 am – 05:00 pm
Sat – Sun: Closed


La Ferme, La Grande Route Des Sablons, Grouville, Jersey, JE3 9FE


+44 (0) 1534 850 440

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